Supercharge Your Facebook Ads Targeting!!!

Learn How to Target Like A SNIPER and Reach The Right Target Audience !

Over the course of 4 years, I transformed my life with Facebook Ads rules I developed and use for myself — the secret ingredients of positive ROI of my Facebook Ads campaigns.

If you are:

…then you need “The Targeting Secrets” that will help you turn everything around and put your Facebook Ads campaigns to a MORE PROFITABLE direction.

How to Target The Right Set of Audience Without Worrying About Failure and Losing Money on Facebook Ads

The Definitive Guide to

Facebook Ads Targeting

Hello, I'm Siddharth Pal!

I’m the author of “The Targeting Secrets” and owner of Monk Marketers.

I spent 4 years building the skills, growing its community, and helping readers become the best Facebook Marketer they can be.

To accomplish these goals, I have dedicated my time practicing about “the marketing side” of the thoughts I have.

This includes ebook selling, print on demand, dropshipping, lead generation, viral marketing, event marketing, affiliate marketing, messenger marketing, and every technical thing that once scared me as a newbie.

But every now and then, there are people who ask the question:

How exactly can I become a better Facebook Marketer?

To be fair, I tried to give readers a solution by sharing tidbits of wisdom through blog posts. I talked about the tips on how to launch profitable Facebook Ads and general tips for improving performance with the help of tools.

The only problem is, none of these posts really helped those who were struggling with the activity of finding the right target audience itself.

Laziness, poor understanding, lack of experience with Facebook ads — these are the hurdles standing between them and their goals.

I, for one, firmly believe that absolutely anyone can be a great Facebook Marketer.

Everyone can supercharge their Facebook Ads Targeting skill. Everyone has that “talent” for communicating their ideas to the world through Facebook Ads.

No exceptions.

This is the belief that ultimately compelled me to write The Targeting Secrets.

It is everything I’ve learned about Facebook Ads Targeting — fleshed out and simplified into exploring the right targeting.

Make no mistake that I’m giving away all my secrets here. These Facebook Ads Targeting rules are the reason why I am exists today.

Let Me Tell You What This eBook Will Teach You All About:

The Super Simple

Targeting Secrets

That Changed My Life...

From the desk of Siddharth Pal:

Dear Facebook Marketers,

First and foremost, allow me to say this:

I know how it feels.

I know what it’s like to stare at a winning ad campaign of your competitor and feel unable to target to right audience.

After hours of research, you sit down — confident with a smile on your face — and begin to find targeting again.

Several minutes later, nothing.

Before you know it, you’ve already spent an hour or two finding audiences that just don’t sound right.

Welcome to the life of a professional Facebook Marketer.

You begin to ask a number of questions:

Believe me, there were plenty of times when I felt like giving up on my Facebook Ads aspirations.

If I’m struggling to find a single audience, how am I supposed to please readers with my ads — let alone compete with COUNTLESS other Facebook Marketers?

It seems like yesterday when I constantly doubted my decision to choose Facebook Marketing over a corporate job.

Fast forward to today, I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t give up on my dream.

Just imagine where I’d be if I let my doubts and fears take over me.

And right now, I know that you’re on the same boat.

That said, let me walk you through my mindset when I was experiencing Failed Campaigns in my Facebook Ad Manager.

The solution is simple:

it’s all about SECRETS!

Yes — secrets that I’ve set and applied myself to make my Facebook ads campaigns a storm.

Since then, every single ad campaign I launched became more profitable, engaging, and sounded more scaled campaign. Most importantly, it made Facebook Ads actually FUN for me again.

What's Inside

The Targeting Secrets?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the most important Facebook targeting secrets you’ll learn from this ebook:

1. Stop the guess and explore in the right understanding

95% Facebook marketers start their ad campaign with guessing for target audience. Nothing is strange here. I was also one of them few years ago.


I learnt how to start with the right understanding. I covered hundreds of targeting with detailed examples.

2. Build a rule you can stick to

Targeting is simply testing but if you don’t know how to test, this could become your failure.

I shared my rules for single interest targeting, stack multiple interest targeting, narrow targeting with real example.

3. Avoid poor targeting options

Facebook allows us to target anything of the data Facebook has for targeting but every option is not a perfect match for every business.

I mentioned what you should and should not consider before selecting any target audience.

Reasons To Get This eBook

Below are the reasons why this ebook is a game-changer:

WAIT… There’s More!

When you make the wise decision to grab this ebook today, you’ll also get these fast action bonuses…

Fast Action Bonus #1 - Targeting Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet contains the detailed targeting options which would help you to target quickly. For you, I’ve compiled all of the options with their relevant segment so that you can focus on producing right set of target audience!

Valued at ₹999

Valued at ₹999

Fast Action Bonus #2 - Know Your Audience Formula

This formula is a handy asset that makes it easier to get started. 

It breaks up the entire guide into easy-to-follow steps so that you can make sure you have all the highlights of everything covered inside right at your fingertips. This makes it easy to track your progress and stay focused to the right target audience.

Valued at ₹1299

Valued at ₹1299

Fast Action Bonus #3 - Video Tutorial To Find More Targeting Options

To help you make the most out of this eBook, I compiled a video tutorial of my premium/paid training. This video includes the method to explore more audience interests which you can’t find directly in targeting box. It will also help to explore the targeting for competitor and competitor’s niche.

Valued at ₹1499

Valued at ₹1499


Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase ‘The Targeting Secrets’ Today!

Get ‘The Targeting Secrets’ Today!

For Only ₹749


This is a detailed eBook which has around 115 pages. You will get the above mentioned bonuses too in the bundle.

This eBook is exclusively written for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you already know some basics or completely new to Facebook Ads Targeting, you can still use the eBook to find good targeting in your niche.

No, you don’t need.

This ebook covers the methods which are completely independent from any third party paid tool.

Once you make the payment, you’ll instantly get access to our eBook. You’ll receive an email where you can find an exclusive download link to grab the eBook and promised bonuses.

It completely depends on how much time you’re spending on reading it. Even for starters, it should take not more than a day or two to finish the eBook.

But I highly recommend you to go through the eBook slowly. Start implementing the ideas as you go through them. There’s no hurry! Taking action is what matters the most.

Get ‘The Targeting Secrets’ Today!

For Only ₹749


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